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Lately I have been seeing many Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 with bad Band Pass Filter (Z221) and Delay Line (Z222). This generally causing bad picture quality on composite and the RF-modulator. There are many suggested solutions out there but none that really replaces the Z221 and Z222, until now. While attending to Datastorm 2018 ... Read More

Z221 / Z222 Fix

Please note that this is obsolete! Please check the following replacement instead: CXA2075 For those who repair and/or change electrolytic capacitors on Amigas has probably sometime bumped into bad Z221 and Z222 which is the band pass filter and delay line. These components are cruical for the RF and Composite video output. When they are ... Read More

A1200 CN1A Cable

So I have been absent for quite a while now, but I promise that it has been for a good reason. Been busy with work, Amiga development (both hardware and coding) and all other things you not sitting at a computer. Recently I have done a few re-caps and Repair of spare A1200 boards and ... Read More

A600 v1.5 Cap Map

Ok, I admit it. It has been way too long since I posted something new here but it has been a very hectic fall/winter at work. A few project will be put up here but before that I finished a cap-map for the Amiga 600 version 1.5 PCB. Some capacitors are tricky, especially the two 22uF ... Read More

CD32 Cap Map

I had the chance to re-cap my first CD32 this weekend and it was a version 3. The amount of capacitors reminded of the Amiga 4000T and some of them was put in very narrow spaces. Did a cap-map that can be used as reference by others (inclusive myself). Hi-Res Version Hi-Res Version

BVision Pimping

So, the Phase5 Blizzard Vision (BVision) card had some minor fixes on itself that I wanted to fix before I added it into my project. The first one was a 5V+ power injection mod that is needed and the second was a quick fix on a damaged leg with kynar wire and polyimide tejp as ... Read More

A1200 Cap Map

Ahh… What the heck! Since I could not find any good reference for the location of all the capacitors in a Amiga 1200 I decided to make my own. The result can be found below and I have also made a high resolution version of it that  can be seen as a text URL below ... Read More

A1200 PWR

The X-Mas has just ended and I have some days off from work so why not continue with some of my projects. To be able to feed my BPPC and BVision with extra juice I decided not to go with the “Floppy-Feed-Solution” and instead use a SFX PSU in my Amiga PSU and then connect ... Read More

Amiga Cap List

The fact that our beloved Commodore Amiga is getting older by the day, the risk of leaking capacitors also increse. Even if you cannot see any leakage, the damage can already be there. The latest Amiga 1200 that I re-capped had no visible damage at all. But when I removed C821 capacitor, it had leaked ... Read More

Good Vs. Evil

Every time I had my Amiga 4000 offline without power for a while it lost both time and date settings. This is very frustrating and since I do like to modify my Amiga to the better I decided to change the current clock battery to the lithium coin cells that Amigakit sells. I ordered two of them ... Read More

A1200 Fixing

This is actually something I did earlier this year but due to lack of spare time I has had low priority. My Amiga 1200 had been more or less in a box for a VERY long time and before any new installations would be done I needed to see if everything was ok and while ... Read More