Monthly Archives: February 2015

FPGA Arcade Case

Since the minute after I purchased the FPGA Arcade from MikeJ I started to look for a mini-ITX case. This was actually harder that I imagined and the cased that I found was either too big or height was above 80mm, which is overkill for the Arcade. At lunch last Wednesday I browsed around and found ... Read More

Cooling Mod

A weekend where I had the chance to test and finish some of my ideas that I have been thinking of  for a longer time. Earlier I made a cutout on my damaged trapdoor on one of my A1200. The result was ok but far from good. Earlier I also bought a Phase 5 Blizzard ... Read More

FPGA Arcade

It has finally arrived! At first I looked forward to the Natami to be released but since it was put on hold/cancelled I had to look for another FPGA-project. At Datastorm I started to talk to Mike that are the mastermind behind this neat peace of hardware and as we both had a few beers ... Read More

Indivision AGA MK2cr

While I was at it I remembered that I did not have any ability to connect my Amiga 1200 with the new Phase5 Blizzard 1260 with SCSI-II to a normal CRT/TFT display. For me, the only solution is to use Jens S. amazing piece of hardware called “Indivision AGA MK2cr”. This neat little hardware makes ... Read More

Amiga on Spotify

For those who want to tune in some really good classic Amiga music on your smartphone, home entertainment system or computer you can now find two really good albums on Spotify. One is the newly re-made album by Allister Brimble and the other is a mix between different artists.   The AMIGA Works – Allister ... Read More

Phase5 1260

Today I received my Phase 5 Blizzard 1260 with SCSI-2 plugin that I recently bought from a guy on This will complete my collection of wanted turbo card for Amiga 1200 since I now have a the following cards. All cards is in excellent condition and both Phase 5 cards are used in my ... Read More

Dot Tunnel

It just had to be time for a quick break with my running Amiga 4000. The below code in AMOS will generate a tunnel with dots rotating in AMOS in 50fps. How was this possible, AMOS is sooo slow? Easy, the same old trick as “unlimited bobs”. Have fun! 🙂   The code