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The Apollo 1260 Voltage Regulator is needed when an upgrade is made on a Apollo 1240 from 68040 to 68060 CPU. This is because the 68060 used VCC 3.3V instead of VCC 5V. I based the design around the LM1085 voltage regulator that I find to be very good, but size is a bit bigger than normal. This regulator has been tested successfully with speeds over 80MHz on a 68060 Rev. 6.


Other than that the design is fairly simple and the part that can be a bit tricky is the 0402 SMD capacitor.

BOM (Bill Of Material)

PcsComponentTypeMouser PartnoMandatory
1LDO Voltage RegulatorTO-263926-LM1085IS-3.3NOPBYes
2Tantal Capacitor 10uF 25VDCC-CaseT491C106K025ATYes
10.1uF 16V SMD Capacitor040281-GRM155R71C104KA88Yes
1Female Header2.54" 2x8 (16pin)No



Please note that the Female Header can be replaced with a male header and soldered directly to the PCB. The advantage with this way is that it leaves a less higher footprint.


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