A while back I found a Youtube video while doing some sofa-browsing while eating breakfast. This video showed some really cool fixes of plastic using only standard appliances that can be bought almost everywhere. The trick was to use super glue and powder it/dip it in baking soda.

The baking soda accelerates the hardening process and creates a somehow plastic like substance.

But the big baloza question was if it really would do any good when repairing Commodore Amiga’s. So I just had to give it a go and below you can see the results.

Please note that other tools such as modelling files will be needed to polish the surface of the mix.

TEST #1 - Commodore 1942 lid

Step #1 – Rought bridge done with glue and baking soda.

Step #2 – Filing of the extra material.

Step #3 – Fixing the center hole.

Step #4 – Final test with the C= 1942 monitor.

TEST #1 - Amiga 600 - Broken latch pin

Step #1 – Fixing a rough model of the latch pin.

Step #2 – Removing the extra material with a file.

Step #3 – Done with the overall shape modifications.



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