Monthly Archives: January 2015

A1200 + GOTEK

I made a GOTEK-mod for a friend of mine with his Amiga 1200. Before I got my GOTEK so I could measure and plan the modification I was quite horrified from all the pictures that flows around on different forums. My main goal was from the beginning to make a nice and as “invisible” mod ... Read More

GOTEK Flashing

Introduction Depending who you talk to, the actual flashing of an GOTEK drive with the Messsinger firmware is either easy or hell itself. Personally my GOTEK decdided to challenge me alot, but after a hile I won the fight. I spent several hours googling around, reading in forums and asked around among the friends I ... Read More

3D Printing

  Well, what can I say… From being pure science fiction to reality. Being able to print an object instead of just images on paper is jut amazing. I’ve seen and red about them alot but never actually tried one. Last weekend I was about to start cutting the already modified trapdoor when my girlfriend ... Read More

Cooling Continued

The cooling project are moving forward and I have received the items that I've ordered from eBay and also a got a perforated sheet of steel from a forum friend that I will use in my project. The plate will be used to provide better ventilation for the BPPC since it pushes out the head through the card from

Cooling Project

It is time for yet another project with my Amiga 1200 at home and this time the goal will be to lower the current temperature on my Blizzard PPC as much as possible. After Stachu had upgraded my card with a 060/66MHz and 603e/330MHz did not only the speed increase but also the temperature. As ... Read More

A1200 Fixing

This is actually something I did earlier this year but due to lack of spare time I has had low priority. My Amiga 1200 had been more or less in a box for a VERY long time and before any new installations would be done I needed to see if everything was ok and while ... Read More

Phase5 Blizzard PPC

I remember the first time I read about that Phase 5 had release a PPC card to the Commodore Amiga 1200. Since then it has always been a desirable piece of hardware for me. I know alot of people that thinks that a PPC card for Amiga 1200 is a bit overkill but I don’t ... Read More