Indivision MK3 Adapter

Finally it is here, the adapter to connect an iComp Indivision MK3 to the famous Ratte Auto Monitor Switch. The connector is 22 pin in total compared to the 20 pin of the MK2cr adapter which makes in incompatible.

The adapter has been tested successfully by some nice users on and it will also be sold there exclusively so if you are interested in one, please contact me there. My username there is highpuff.

  1. Ryan Davenport says:


    I have an Indivision MK3 and a Radeon 9200 in my Amiga A1200. I would like to purchase a Ratte Auto Monitor Switch solution if you have a new batch available?

    I did attempt to contact you through Amibay but I have just created an account there and the forum is not allowing me to post a reply to you.

    1. highpuff says:

      Sorry 🙂 Been busy with family and work. All is fixed now and a Ratte Auto Monitor Switch is on its way to you!

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