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I have decided to share all my own creations for Amiga and a first step is to release the INT7 (Level 7) PLCC adapter for Amiga 600/1200/4000D(T). This is perfect when using for example a custom Amiga Kickstart ROM with HRTMon in it, or when using for example AsmOne/Pro with INT7 interrupt enabled.

Personally I use Seeedstudio for the PCB manufacturing. They have provided me with good service, fast delivery and fast feedback/response.


The PCB Layout is fairly simple and it as very small amount of components


BOM (Bill Of Material)

There is totally 5 components needed to assemble this board, the header is not mandatory but I lite it since it makes it easy to remove if you need to do something with your Amiga.

PcsComponentTypeMouser PartnoMandatory
1PLCC 52 pin SocketSMD517-8452-21A1-RK-TPYes
31N4148 DiodeSOD123621-1N4148W-FYes
12 pos Angled Male HeaderHeader538-22-28-9020No




  1. SchLikA says:

    Hi ! Thanks for the design. I tried ordeing some from jlcpcb but unfortunately the gerbers seem to be missing informations about the pcb size. Could you re-export the gerbers including size ?

    1. highpuff says:

      Alright, I will fix this this weekend. Thanks for the notice!

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