Monthly Archives: April 2015

15.6KHz TFT

I’ve been reading a lot about modern TFT monitors that are compatible with the “infamous” horizontal frequency of 15.6KHz that the native Amiga outputs. This has not been an easy task to find and most of the models are old and not sold anymore. A friend of mine told me about a Philips IPS TFT ... Read More

Reading the mouse

In my last project I needed to use some test-coordinates before I generated a sine curve. The easiest way to do such thing is to read the mouse and as many people know that is a fairly easy task in for example Basic or other high level languages. If you want to read the mouse ... Read More

A4000 Chillin

I have had a smaller pause from my hardware project due to training and high load at work. There has been alot of coding in AsmOne┬ábut I have not finished the M68k code highlighter so I haven’t been able to publish any results yet. Anyhow, while I was coding I realized that my Amiga 4000 ... Read More