Yearly Archives: 2015

A1200 Cap Map

Ahh… What the heck! Since I could not find any good reference for the location of all the capacitors in a Amiga 1200 I decided to make my own. The result can be found below and I have also made a high resolution version of it that  can be seen as a text URL below ... Read More

A1200 PWR

The X-Mas has just ended and I have some days off from work so why not continue with some of my projects. To be able to feed my BPPC and BVision with extra juice I decided not to go with the “Floppy-Feed-Solution” and instead use a SFX PSU in my Amiga PSU and then connect ... Read More

Amiga Cap List

The fact that our beloved Commodore Amiga is getting older by the day, the risk of leaking capacitors also increse. Even if you cannot see any leakage, the damage can already be there. The latest Amiga 1200 that I re-capped had no visible damage at all. But when I removed C821 capacitor, it had leaked ... Read More


This has been something I have been thinking of doing for a long time but never really took the time until a friend of mine (Chucky) sent me some sample code. The code he sent was a short sample of how to convert binary or hex numbers in a longword to decimal number in a ... Read More


I’ve been looking for a while at the RapidRoad USB expansion card for my X-Surf 100. It is always nice to be able to transfer larger files between my PC and Amiga, but also manage backups on a good way. Enough talking… I ordered a RapidRoad and while I was at it I also ordered ... Read More

Ratte Control Switch

It is over 6 months since I installed my Ratte Auto Monitor Switch (Ratte AMS from now) and I’m still as thrilled over the functionality as I was when I installed it. As I have said before, if you have more than one display port in your Amiga I really do recommend you to check ... Read More

Good Vs. Evil

Every time I had my Amiga 4000 offline without power for a while it lost both time and date settings. This is very frustrating and since I do like to modify my Amiga to the better I decided to change the current clock battery to the lithium coin cells that Amigakit sells. I ordered two of them ... Read More


A few times I have red and been inspired by a page explaining how to increase the speed of a Phase 5 Cyberstorm PPC. It looked fairly simple and the instructions was really good so I thought why not and decided to do it while I did replace the capacitors. The Cyberstorm PPC (CSPPC) is ... Read More

Cap Work

This is project has been planned for a few months but I never had the time to do it due to work and training. While I was doing some with with my Amiga 4000D I found some suspicious capacitors that had to me removed and replaced with new healthy ones. This is a fairly hard ... Read More


I’ve been using the GOTEK drive for a while now with two of my Amiga’s and, well, they work but I’m not really happy with the loader that Hervé created. I have nothing against him and I respect the enormous work he has done so far. The GOTEK is still a cheap and good choice ... Read More

SCSI Cable

One of the recent purchases that I did was a Phase 5 Blizzard 1260 with the extra Blizzard SCSI Kit IV that has an extra slot for adding up to 128MB extra RAM. The SCSI-connector that is on the add-on card is a IDC26-pin where only 25 pins are used. What I can see online, ... Read More

BPPC Heatsink

I have finally had some time to do some work on my long going project with Phase 5 Blizzard PPC (BPPC). While I was travelling I had some time to play with Google Sketchup so I cretated a new Heatsink that will replace the original one on the BPPC. The