Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ratte Control Switch

It is over 6 months since I installed my Ratte Auto Monitor Switch (Ratte AMS from now) and I’m still as thrilled over the functionality as I was when I installed it. As I have said before, if you have more than one display port in your Amiga I really do recommend you to check ... Read More

Good Vs. Evil

Every time I had my Amiga 4000 offline without power for a while it lost both time and date settings. This is very frustrating and since I do like to modify my Amiga to the better I decided to change the current clock battery to the lithium coin cells that Amigakit sells. I ordered two of them ... Read More


A few times I have red and been inspired by a page explaining how to increase the speed of a Phase 5 Cyberstorm PPC. It looked fairly simple and the instructions was really good so I thought why not and decided to do it while I did replace the capacitors. The Cyberstorm PPC (CSPPC) is ... Read More

Cap Work

This is project has been planned for a few months but I never had the time to do it due to work and training. While I was doing some with with my Amiga 4000D I found some suspicious capacitors that had to me removed and replaced with new healthy ones. This is a fairly hard ... Read More


I’ve been using the GOTEK drive for a while now with two of my Amiga’s and, well, they work but I’m not really happy with the loader that Hervé created. I have nothing against him and I respect the enormous work he has done so far. The GOTEK is still a cheap and good choice ... Read More