Monthly Archives: April 2016

KickFlash OS4

This piece of hardware was pretty unknown for me until the purchase of my Amiga 4000T, But after been able to read some about it and also test it a few times I must say that it is a really cool piece of hardware. Sadly, it is discontinued so it can not be purchased at ... Read More

Amiga 4000T

So the main reason for being away for a while was partly heavy load at work but I also had a chance to purchase a very good condition Amiga 4000T (Escom version). I’ve been looking for such rarity for a while now and when the opportunity came I took it right away.┬áThe front bezel was ... Read More

R.A.M.S CIA Adapter

Evolution also have effect on the R.A.M.S (Ratte Auto Monitor Switch) and this time the CIA-Adapter for Amiga 1200(T)/4000(T) had some improvements. By adding a smaller PCB instead of cutting legs and solder to wires to the GND, VCC and CTS pins, the installation is easier but also less chance of breaking the PLCC adapter. ... Read More