Amiga 4000T

a4000tSo the main reason for being away for a while was partly heavy load at work but I also had a chance to purchase a very good condition Amiga 4000T (Escom version).

I’ve been looking for such rarity for a while now and when the opportunity came I took it right away.Β The front bezel was in more or less free from any yellowing and scratches but the feet’s had some yellowing, but nothing that could be fixed with some Retr0br1ght treatment.

The metal housing has an overall strange solution to open.You literally remove a whole side plus 70% of both the top and bottom. Never seen that before and I took a few minutes before I figured it out. It also had a lot of scratches and some paint was gone due to age.

Luckily I have a company that does the kind of painting that is done on casings called powder coating with structure. I stripped the housing completely and then gave it to them for removal of old paint and then apply new paint.

They were able to find the original color code and were also able to replicate the structure that the original color has. All that for a low cost as €90!!

Amiga 4000T Configuration upon arrival

  • Commondore 3630 without FPU
  • 16MB internal Fast RAM
  • Indivision KickFlash OS4
  • Elbox 3000/4000T Mediator PCI 4000
  • PixelView
  • Creative Labs (CT4810)
  • 3DFX Voodoo 5 – 5500
  • RTL 8139D 10/100Mbps NIC

Many might think I’m crazy, but I personally do not like the solution to add PCI-slots to your Amiga. The Amiga I want to use is only with standard Amiga parts, without adding any other types of slots.

When the Amiga 4000T are done it will have inherited the following parts from my Amiga 4000D (that will get new parts later).

Amiga 4000T New Configuration

  • CSPPC 060 72MHz / 603e 200Mhz + 128MB Fast RAM
  • X-Surf 100 + USB Module
  • BigRamPlus 256MB
  • KickFlash OS4
  • Ratte Auto Monitor Switch + Control Switch

What can I say, dreams can come true πŸ™‚


  1. APair says:

    Wow, looks great :-). My own dream is similar, to give proper casing for my A4000T, as I originally bought it 20 years ago already in PC-AT case.

    I was not as lucky as you are :-(, and did not find “mint” case, rather something that needs work (maybe lots of work – I do not yet have case with me).

    And so I think I am going to need to pain the metal case as well, just like you did.

    Therefore, a question… would you be so kind to share the color code you’ve used for the paint job? I know there are some shops around me that do powder coating, but I have 0 experience and no idea if they’re going to do good job matching colors… so, if you can share, it may help me avoid mistake :-).

    Have fun, I am really happy for you and understand your joy ;-).

    1. highpuff says:

      I will see if I can find the specification from the paint job. The easiest way is to go to a paint store and just ask for the specific color.

      Don’t forget to do a good clearcole first.

      1. APair says:

        Thanks in advance for color code :-).

        As for clearcole and stuff: yeah, meanwhile I’ve got the case and it is in real sorry state. I am starting to plan the “project”, looks to be longer journey :-).

        Than, just wondering yet another thing as I am looking: did you manage to remove the labels on the back (you know those with Amiga model information, scsi/audio video ports info etc), to not have them destroyed during the “burning” of powder coating?

        I was never doing such thing before, just hoping to preserve them :-).

        On top of the case there are 2 metal rods (for masking of case opening – to look better?) – those two I already see are glued and tried to pop one edge with spatula, and it works fine for them..:-)

        So, I wonder if warming the back of case with hair-dryer + spatula is the way to go for those plastic labels on the back, or if there is some better trick?

        1. highpuff says:

          Sadly I could not find the notes of the color code. Tried to call the company that did it but they needed to see the housing.

          So, I will bring it to them since I need another job in the summer but it will not be within a few weeks.

          1. Mark says:


            I would like to paint my A4000D case and I’m not quite sure which color to use.
            Did you went to your paint shop in the meantime and got the color code?


          2. highpuff says:

            It was a while ago and I don’t know if I still have the information. Else I would recommend to give the housing to a painter, they can usually see directly. Important is that they use “flakes” in it so it gets the texture as the original.

  2. shoe says:

    My old baby πŸ™‚ And even though it was a sad parting on my side I must say she couldn’t have gone to a more deserving and suitable owner!

    Short history about the box: When living in Gothenburg I got a strange email from a guy who have had a media company back in the day. He claimed to have “lots” of Amigastuff for sale, but didn’t have time or the energy to split it up and sell in pieces. So he wanted an offer for “the lot”. He was very vague on the details of the package, but did say that it was at least an A4000T and an A3000D, both with graphics cards. So I did the math and offered him 10k SEK for everything. Yeah, I did take a chance on the offer. But he took it!

    When he came by my house (delivery – yeah!) it turned out to be TWO complete A4000T, one A3000D, 3(!) CD32 and so much software I couldn’t believe it!
    I ended up with 3 PicassoVI, one which had ALL add ons; PabloVI, PalomaIV and the audio-thing ‘Concertio’ or what it was called. The A3000D also had a Peggy+ video card. With it I could play VCD-video discs, it was really cool. Two of the CD32’s also had the Full Motion Video ‘FMV’ module. As well as a Macentosh emulation card, I think it was an A/MAX (2?) with Mac floppy.

    On the software and manual side there was several complete SCALA MM300/500 setups. Lightwave 4.5 (with tutorial VHS tapes), ImageFX, Photogenics, CandyFactory and God knows what else.

    At this point I owned THREE full speced A4000T (Escom), all with PicassoIV and at least 040 CPU.

    Aaaah, these were the days πŸ˜‰ I went from owning about 15 Amigas, 13 unique models – to owning one A1200 and one A600 today.

    p.s. the front on your A4000T is _brand_new_. The original one lost the small plastic henges so I got a new one from Jan ‘8bit’ Pedersen.

    1. highpuff says:

      Cool! It’s always nice to know the story behind each Amiga since they have been around for a “few” years. Depending on what time era, 10k was either a bargain or a lot of money. Anyway, the Amiga 4000T is the Amiga that I sit the most at and code/develop/test.

      Thanks again for sharing Shoe πŸ™‚

  3. Kikstart says:

    Do you have any information on replacement low profile capacitors for A4000T CE164C ?
    As the indivision mk2 requires this to be replaced.
    Great website btw thanks for sharing with us all.

    1. highpuff says:

      I actually ended up with changing the location of the connector on Indivision AGA MK2cr. What I know of, some replace them with ceramic capacitors (WRONG!), but you could try to find a tantal capacitor that fits.

  4. David Lind says:

    Did you ever find out what the colour code was or the colour name?

    1. highpuff says:

      No sorry. I have tried to reach them without success.

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