Yearly Archives: 2016

A600 v1.5 Cap Map

Ok, I admit it. It has been way too long since I posted something new here but it has been a very hectic fall/winter at work. A few project will be put up here but before that I finished a cap-map for the Amiga 600 version 1.5 PCB. Some capacitors are tricky, especially the two 22uF ... Read More

CD32 Cap Map

I had the chance to re-cap my first CD32 this weekend and it was a version 3. The amount of capacitors reminded of the Amiga 4000T and some of them was put in very narrow spaces. Did a cap-map that can be used as reference by others (inclusive myself). Hi-Res Version Hi-Res Version

Apollo VR 1260/4060

A while ago, a friend of mine asked me if I could help him to draw a Voltage Regulator for the ACT Electronic Apollo 1260/4060 cards. Unless you need to replace your current Voltage Regulator it is also used when you upgrade a Apollo card from 040 to 060. This is is because of that 060 ... Read More

A.M.A.S Sampler (cables)

I recently purchased a A.M.A.S Sampler/Midi from a fellow Amiga friend on Facebook. The overall condition of it was very good, but the parallel and serial cable was loose inside the case. And of course they both fell out at the same time when I opened it up so I can no chance to see ... Read More

Retr0br1ght Box

So there is this thing with old plastic gears and how it get yellowed by time. You don’t need to be a smoker, since it will occur anyway due to a fire-retardand substance called bromine combined with ultraviolet (UV) light. The solution to this is to have a solution of hydrogen peroxide and expose it to ... Read More

CS/CVPPC 80mm Fan

The Amiga 4000T has quite a lot more room inside that a normal Amiga 4000D has. So why don’t take advantage of it and make a high effective solution for CVPPC / CSPPC cooling? After I had been thinking about this for a while started to draw a simple sketch where I made a fan-holder ... Read More

A4000T Fix

Finally I had time to write down the things I did to fix my new Escom Amiga 4000T. It was quite a while ago since I bought it but time hasn’t been to put it into a blog. Anyway, the overall shape of the A4000T was quite good. The case was a bit scratchy and ... Read More

KickFlash OS4

This piece of hardware was pretty unknown for me until the purchase of my Amiga 4000T, But after been able to read some about it and also test it a few times I must say that it is a really cool piece of hardware. Sadly, it is discontinued so it can not be purchased at ... Read More

Amiga 4000T

So the main reason for being away for a while was partly heavy load at work but I also had a chance to purchase a very good condition Amiga 4000T (Escom version). I’ve been looking for such rarity for a while now and when the opportunity came I took it right away. The front bezel was ... Read More

R.A.M.S CIA Adapter

Evolution also have effect on the R.A.M.S (Ratte Auto Monitor Switch) and this time the CIA-Adapter for Amiga 1200(T)/4000(T) had some improvements. By adding a smaller PCB instead of cutting legs and solder to wires to the GND, VCC and CTS pins, the installation is easier but also less chance of breaking the PLCC adapter. ... Read More

CV64/3D and Switch

So I’m on my third batch of Ratte Auto Monitor Switches and has now almost soldered 60pcs in total of this neat little piece of hardware. Everytime I’m phased with a challenge ans this time I was asked if I could arrange a RTG cable between the Ratte Auto Monitor Switch and the internal IDC-10 ... Read More

SFX Power

My project with Blizzard PPC and BVision moves forward and the next challange was to get more power to the Amiga 1200. A normal Amiga 1200 with average expansions will be good with 3.5A standard PSU but when it is expanded with both the above cards, it is recommended to have 8-10A. Many examples that ... Read More