A1200 PWR

A1200 PWR

The X-Mas has just ended and I have some days off from work so why not continue with some of my projects.

To be able to feed my BPPC and BVision with extra juice I decided not to go with the “Floppy-Feed-Solution” and instead use a SFX PSU in my Amiga PSU and then connect cables directly after the filter to a distribution board. I do know that the following¬†currents are fed by the PSU.

  • GND (Ground)
  • +5V
  • +12V
  • -12V

So while I was measuring the input, I took a picture and documented it for future reference. See the result below.

(Click to see larger version)

The solder point above the added text is before the filter and the points below are after the filter.



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