Amiga Cap List

The fact that our beloved Commodore Amiga is getting older by the day, the risk of leaking capacitors also increse. Even if you cannot see any leakage, the damage can already be there.

The latest Amiga 1200 that I re-capped had no visible damage at all. But when I removed C821 capacitor, it had leaked and nearly destroyed all the tracks around it, including the NPN/PNP transistors for the PCMCIA programming voltage.


If you don’t feel comfortable soldering, please let someone with knowledge do this for you.

I have collected all information that I got from my own experience, my friend John “Chucky” Hertell and internet pages on a page that constantly being updated. There is a whole new section focusing on repair for the Amiga now and to go there where the capacitor list is, please click on the picture below.



  1. highpuff says:

    Updated the capacitor list for Amiga 4000T since it had some wrong numbers in it.

  2. highpuff says:

    Updated table with Amiga 3000 capacitor list.

  3. highpuff says:

    Table updated with Amiga 3000T capacitor list.

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