New Heatsink

New Heatsink

So it has finally arrived…

A few weeks ago, or even months I posted a blog with a new design on a heatsink to be used with the Phase5 Blizzard PPC. It was not easy to find someone with CNC experience that could do the job for me but shame on you if you give up.

Anyways, this very morning I finally received it and it looks really good. I will do some polish on it, but I want to keep the rough feeling of it. The heatsink is made in ALU so it is not as effective as CU, but still, it is way better that the original.

See for yourself 🙂





6 thoughts on “New Heatsink

  1. This is awesome ! Nice work. Do you have the 3d files ? I would like to do one for myself … let me know if is possible. Regards!

  2. Awesome! I saw you’re page before, but found you again by googling for 68060 and PPC cooling!

    Apperently you have the same issues I have, could you indicate what difference in temperature you’re experiencing? And… I’m also interested in the 3D files 🙂

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