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A weekend where I had the chance to test and finish some of my ideas that I have been thinking of  for a longer time. Earlier I made a cutout on my damaged trapdoor on one of my A1200. The result was ok but far from good.

Earlier I also bought a Phase 5 Blizzard 1260 that I wanted to get a little cooler, about 10-20% cooler would be more than enough. While I was at Bauhaus in Gothenburg I found a mesh that was a aluminum and steel mix and had promising heat conducting abilities. No need to hassle, the price was very low and I can cut several pieces from it if I need.

The cutout

I used the same template as when I planned the cooling for my Phase 5 Blizzard PPC MC68060 060 / 66MHz – e603e / 330MHz and worked from that. it was nice and long cuts so no worries for angles etc.




The result

Since the mesh was very easy to work with it was no trouble at all to fit. A few adjustments and it was in correct place with a small “snap”. I used superglue at each connecting point between the mesh and trapdoor. A bit small, but the result was worth the extra time it took.




Adding extra cooling to the 1260

Last week when I went through a few broken and out-of-warranty fiber CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) if found a ceramic heat sink that I removed and re-furbished. The size was 30x30x5mm and height was even better.  The heat sink would not bulge the mesh but still have contact. That will gain the cooling even more since the mesh also will help to conduct the heat from the Motorola 68060 processor.




The result

Well, after have done some testing and measuring heat with a IR-thermometer and comparing pre and post the installation of the mesh and heat sink I can gladly say that the temperature has decreased between 10-20% at high load.


  1. Snyggt jobb, gillar speciellt nätet. Värmen är alltid en fiende och jag ska själv ta itu med ett eller flera Amigaprojekt nu, så jag kollar runt på nätet. Jag har tidigare haft A500 och minns inte att den blev så varm, trots en kompakt layout. Jag tittar nu på A1200 för att få en maskin som går att modda/expandera, så därför är dina A1200-inlägg intressanta.

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