FPGA Arcade Case

Since the minute after I purchased the FPGA Arcade from MikeJ I started to look for a mini-ITX case. This was actually harder that I imagined and the cased that I found was either too big or height was above 80mm, which is overkill for the Arcade.

At lunch last Wednesday I browsed around and found a nice piece of work that a user called Wizard66 had  made in acrylic plastic. This inspired me so much that I decided to do it as well. Made a quick drawing in Google Sketchup and printed it. Last Friday before work I dropped by a glazier called Ryds in Frölunda.

I do not know if they had a bad day but they gave me a total price of +5000 SEK for a set of 3pcs with acrylic plastic with a size of 200x80x5mm. They must have seen cm instead of mm or they might not want to do the work. But instead of giving me a shitty price, why not say that they are busy so they have to turn me down?!?


The hunt for acrylic plastic

I found that Clas Ohlson had small pieces of acrylic plastic in stock so I drove by a store and purchased 2 of them for a price of 59 SEK / pcs. This was perfect and I could not wait to finish this project.




The result

I cut the pieces to a size of 200x80mm as I mentioned earlier. This was made with a Japan Saw. If you haven’t used such saw, please try them out! They do really nice cuts in both plastic and wood and it is easier to make straight cuts.








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