I’ve been looking for a while at the RapidRoad USB expansion card for my X-Surf 100. It is always nice to be able to transfer larger files between my PC and Amiga, but also manage backups on a good way.

Enough talking… I ordered a RapidRoad and while I was at it I also ordered a BigRamPlus 256MB.



Overall the installation of the RapidRoad was easy, just open the top cover of my Amiga 4000D and then put it in the IDC slot on the X-Surf 100. After that it was time to download Poseidon 4.5 which is the actual USB-stack and control application.

If you are using the GUI is fairly straight forward to use and easy to mount a USB-device. I can’t help to smile when I saw my USB-stick pop up on my desktop as an icon 🙂


Big Ram Plus

So why do I need an extra 256MB memory in my Amiga 4000? Actually, I don’t know at all but a lot of memory doesn’t hurt anyone. Since I already have 128MB fast memory on my Phase 5 Cyberstorm PPC, 16MB on the mainboard and 2MB chip memory it was, why not buy one for test. I know that the BigRamPlus does not work on AmigaOS 4.x but since I use 3.9 BB2 it does work.

The installation is easy but the card itself is a bit big for the amount of memory that is on the card. Else it works straight out of the box and it has memory priority 20, which is lower then the 128MB on the Cyberstorm card (40) and the mainboard (30).

So if you have some extra cash and need more memory, this is the thing to buy 🙂




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