This has been something I have been thinking of doing for a long time but never really took the time until a friend of mine (Chucky) sent me some sample code. The code he sent was a short sample of how to convert binary or hex numbers in a longword to decimal number in a data register (D0-D7).

Reading the mouse

In my last project I needed to use some test-coordinates before I generated a sine curve. The easiest way to do such thing is to read the mouse and as many people know that is a fairly easy task in for example Basic or other high level languages. If you want to read the mouse in assembler you need to read $dff00a, which is a word and has the structure of Y position in bytes + X Position in bytes.

Dot Tunnel

It just had to be time for a quick break with my running Amiga 4000. The below code in AMOS will generate a tunnel with dots rotating in AMOS in 50fps. How was this possible, AMOS is sooo slow? Easy, the same old trick as "unlimited bobs". Have fun! :)

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