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This has been something I have been thinking of doing for a long time but never really took the time until a friend of mine (Chucky) sent me some sample code. The code he sent was a short sample of how to convert binary or hex numbers in a longword to decimal number in a ... Read More

Reading the mouse

In my last project I needed to use some test-coordinates before I generated a sine curve. The easiest way to do such thing is to read the mouse and as many people know that is a fairly easy task in for example Basic or other high level languages. If you want to read the mouse ... Read More

Dot Tunnel

It just had to be time for a quick break with my running Amiga 4000. The below code in AMOS will generate a tunnel with dots rotating in AMOS in 50fps. How was this possible, AMOS is sooo slow? Easy, the same old trick as “unlimited bobs”. Have fun! 🙂   The code