A.M.A.S Sampler (cables)

I recently purchased a A.M.A.S Sampler/Midi from a fellow Amiga friend on Facebook. The overall condition of it was very good, but the parallel and serial cable was loose inside the case. And of course they both fell out at the same time when I opened it up so I can no chance to see which cable goes where 🙁

Did some searches on google and found a rather good image and connected the cables again to the DIL-socket. The last time I turned some cables in the wrong direction was when I put my Amiga 4000T together and that did not end well.

Tested the A.M.A.S Sampler/Midi and verified that it worked before I put some melt-glue on the connectors.

Took a picture where I also added text to show which cable goes where, as you can see below.


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