3D Printing



Well, what can I say… From being pure science fiction to reality. Being able to print an object instead of just images on paper is jut amazing. I’ve seen and red about them alot but never actually tried one.

Last weekend I was about to start cutting the already modified trapdoor when my girlfriend reminded me that one of her friends actually has one and has printed an Iron Man suit. I asked her if she could check if her friend could print a small thing for me and it was ok.

When I got the confirmation that it was no problem I started to design my own trapdoor that had extra opening for the MC68000 fan and the raised crystals on my BPPC. I used Google Sketchup together with an export plugin so I could share and publish it on Thingiverse.com.

[two_columns ][imageeffect type=”lightbox” align=”aligncenter” width=”255″ height=”188″ alt=”” url=”https://www.ikod.se/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/3dprint01-large.jpg” ][/two_columns] [two_columns_last ][imageeffect type=”lightbox” align=”aligncenter” width=”255″ height=”188″ alt=”” url=”https://www.ikod.se/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/3dprint02-large.jpg” ][/two_columns_last]

The day after I’ve sent him the URL for the drawing he told me it was ready and sent a picture of it. It is a bit rough so it needs some polishing before I can use it. The best thing was the feeling to actually have drawn¬†object on screen and transfered into real life.

Let the Cooling Project continue!

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